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Odhney, the first-even lehenga rental store in Kolkata. A concept unique to Kolkata, right? Odhney's motive is to make high-end lehengas affordable to everyone and with this aim, the brand wanted to market digitally, and reach out to more and more people out there.

At once, Skaly understood the requirements and the team began working on the same. We analysed and understood the clients' requirements and started with creating a social media page to reach out to more clients. The primary challenge was to make people aware about the concept at once and attract the footfall in the store.

Highlights Of The Project:
  • 1. Through captivating posts and visuals, Odhney's social media channels spotlight its unique lehenga rental concept, emphasizing affordability and high-end designs. Engaging content educated and inspired, showcasing the elegance and convenience of renting.
  • 2. By leveraging Facebook and Instagram ads, Odhney precisely targets local audiences interested in fashion, weddings, and cultural events.
  • 3. Simultaneously, partnering with local fashion influencers and bloggers infused authenticity and widened the brand's reach. Influencers sharing their rental experiences can amplify credibility and encourage potential clients to explore Odhney's collection, driving footfall and digital engagement.
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