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PS Interiors

PS Interiors is one of the leading interior designing companies in Kolkata and was facing a problem with their first impression of the brand. Their main concern was to create an impressive name for their brand in the first meeting with the clients.

Skaly came up with the idea of creating something that introduced the entrepreneurs and the company with just a scroll in the phone. The world is digital today, and this is how PS Interiors could introduce their company digitally.

What did Skaly do?
  • 1. Skaly crafted a brochure design that elegantly conveyed PS Interiors' brand value through compelling visuals, showcasing their portfolio and design aesthetics.
  • 2. The brochure design reflected PS Interiors' unique identity, incorporating their logo, colour palette, and design elements consistently to leave a lasting impression on potential clients.
  • 3. Skaly strategically presented PS Interiors' expertise and past successful projects, instilling confidence in clients and positioning them as a reliable and proficient interior designing company.
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