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Sharpe Financials

Sharpe Financials is a financial company in Kolkata and its main services include tax planning, investment planning, and insurance planning. Mr. Balkrishn Bagaria, the CEO of the company approached Skaly with the motive of becoming a financial creator on Instagram and promoting his brand through social media and revamping the website to attract more clients. So, let's have a look what the socials looked like.

Sharpe Financials social media page had informative content with Mr. Balkrishn's fantastic acting skills but lacked the visual appeal. Skaly analysed that different brands have to be highlighted for the creator account and the brand account. Skaly, with its team, got to the website remaking and the social media enhancement.

What did Skaly do?
  • 1. Skaly revamped Sharpe Financials' social media strategy by creating separate content streams for the creator account (Mr. Balkrishn) and the brand account. While the creator account focuses on engaging reels showcasing financial insights delivered with Mr. Balkrishn's dynamic acting, the brand account highlights visually appealing graphics and educational content to communicate expertise in tax, investment, and insurance planning.
  • 2. Skaly redesigned the Sharpe Financials website with a user-friendly interface, emphasizing clear navigation and concise information about their services. Engaging visuals, client testimonials, and informative blog posts were added to showcase their expertise. This website transformation enhances credibility and encourages potential clients to take advantage of their financial services.
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